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Timeclock365 Privacy Policy

Version: October 22, 2018 | You may contact us for previous versions of the privacy policy.

In a nutshell:

Now in more detail:

1) Introduction and Definitions

Timeclock365 is a technology platform owned and operated by usYou can find our contact details below.

Timeclock365 helps organizations to manage their workforce time, attendance, projects, tasks, access control and payroll, as well as their property, such as vehicles and packages. These organizations are our Clients.

Timeclock365 uses a mobile App, physical clock Devices & Access control, and a cloud Platform, accessible to Clients through the App and a dedicated web Portal. Timeclock365 enables Clients to manage their workforce, pay their employees and contractors, and perform other functions related to workforce management. Any person using the Timeclock 365 App, Devices, or Portal is an End User.

Our Clients decide the purposes for which they use Timeclock365, as well as the means for collecting data from Timeclock365’s magnitude of features. We process the data on our Clients’ behalf and according to their instructions. Our Clients control the data processed on their behalf on Timeclock365.

To make things clear with an example: if you’re an employee of CorpCo, you are an End User, CorpCo is our Client and has full control over your personal data, and we process your personal data on CorpCo’s behalf and according to its instructions.

If you’re an End User and have any issue regarding your personal information, please contact your employer first! Our Client’s contact details appear in your App and in any communication you receive from Timeclock365.

In addition to our processing activities above, we also operate several Websites – such as Timeclock365.com – and collect personal data of Visitors. Some Visitors and other people who communicate with us, become our business Contacts or Clients. We collect and process various personal information regarding our Visitors, Contacts, and Clients, and we are the data controllers for such personal information.

If you are a Visitor, Contact or Client of ours and have any issue regarding your personal information that we control, please contact us (details below).

2) What Personal Data Do We Process?

On Timeclock365, we process these types of personal data about our End Users:

If you’re a Contact or Client of ours, we collect and process these types of personal data about you:

We also collect and process these types of personal data about anyone using Timeclock365 or our Websites:

3) What About Personal Data of Children?

Timeclock365 is a workforce management platform and is not intended for children. We do not knowingly collect or process information about children. Please contact us if you suspect anything to the contrary.

4)  How Do We Collect Your Personal Data?

If you’re a Timeclock365 End User, there are two ways in which we receive personal data about you that we process on behalf of our Client:

When you install and use the App, we request that you accept the App’s terms of use and this privacy policy, and also grant certain device permissions – such as location, camera, photos and file storage – which allow us to access such device features and relevant data for the provision of our processing services to our Clients. It’s your choice whether to grant us such permissions, needed for our processing, and you do so under our terms of use, this privacy policy, and terms of use and privacy policies of Google Play or Apple App Store (depending on your device), and your device manufacturer. You can revoke any permissions you have granted the App in your device settings or by uninstalling the App from your device.

If we do not receive all required data from the App and your device, Timeclock365 might not function properly. The data provided by Timeclock365 to our Client who controls your account might be incomplete or inaccurate, and that might affect your work or compensation. Please consult with your employer regarding the potential effect of disabling permissions or uninstalling the App.

If you’re a Contact or Client of ours, there might be several ways in which we receive your personal data:

If you’re a Visitor to our Websites or an End User using Timeclock365 App, we might receive some personal data through your device, operating system, and browser, and various hosting, tracking, analytics and advertising technologies used on our Websites and App, such as cookies (see below), Microsoft Azure, WordPress and WordPress plugins, Analytics and Advertising technologies by Google and others, Customer support services by Zendesk and Tawk.to, and other technologies. Our Websites do not currently respond to “Do Not Track” signals sent by your browser or device.

5) What About Cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that your browser saves on your computer or mobile device. We use cookies to collect information and provide our services. We may use cookies to save your login credentials, enable certain features, understand how you interact with us, monitor your usage of our Websites, products and services, and personalize your experience and advertising displayed to you. You can set your browser to prevent the use of cookies. If you don’t accept cookies, our Websites and Timeclock365 might not function properly.

6) What Are The Purposes for Processing Personal Data? How Do We Use Your Personal Data?


The purposes for the processing of personal data on Timeclock365 are determined by our Clients. Each Client might use Timeclock 365 for different purposes. Such purposes might include employee/contractor time and attendance management; field agent management; project and task management; salary, payroll and compensation calculation and payment; fleet management and vehicle tracking; logistics management, packages and goods tracking; and more.

If you’re an End User, we collect and use your personal data to provide our services to our Clients, according to their instructions, so they can achieve their respective purposes. Timeclock365 may use your device and contact details, according to Client’s instructions and settings on the Portal, to communicate with you. For example, Timeclock365 may send you emails or text messages reminding you to punch in and out, log your work hours, attendance, project and task activity, etc. All such interactions are performed on Clients’ request, and based on the Client’s settings or your own.

Our purpose in processing personal data on Timeclock365 is to provide our services to the Clients according to our agreements with them and applicable law. We might also process usage and analytics information, as well as some statistical and aggregate data derived from personal data, for the improvement and further development of Timeclock365, Platform, App, Devices, and the Portal, or for research purposes.

Websites, Clients, Contacts and Visitors

If you’re a Client, Contact, or Visitor on our Websites, we may process your personal data for our own business purposes, including:

7) What Is The Legal Basis For Our Processing of Data?


As data controllers, our Clients usually process personal data on Timeclock365 and on their own systems (and we process such data as data processor on behalf of our Clients and according to their instructions) based on any or some of the following legal bases:

As data processors, we process personal data on Timeclock365 based on the legal bases above, and also any or some of the following legal bases:

Websites, Clients, Contacts, and Visitors

As data controllers for our Clients, Contacts and Visitors’ personal data, we process personal data based on any or some of the following legal bases:

  1. The data subject has given us consent to the processing of his or her personal data for specific purposes communicated in this policy;
  2. Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party – for example, an agreement with us or the terms of use of the Websites – or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;
  3. Processing is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person, for example protecting our Clients and our staff;
  4. Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject, for example the need to maintain billing records for transactions;
  5. Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us, or our Clients, for example the conduct of our business, the development and delivery of our products and services, and the promotion and sales of such products and services.


8) Who Do We Share Your Information With?

Our services sometime enable you to share information, including personal data, with your consent. This section deals with information we share about you with others.


For the delivery of our services, we share all End User data on Timeclock365 with the Client who is the data controller with respect to such End Users. This means that your employer has access and control over all the information we collect about you. We also share Client’s representatives contact details to all End Users and others who might need them to comply with any applicable law. Our Clients may select to share the information with some of their staff, HR software providers, payment providers, and others.

Clients, Contacts, and Visitors

We process your details on third-party customer relation management (CRM) systems, support systems, and billing systems. We may share some of your details with our staff, consultants, resellers, affiliates, and other third-party business partners for research and analysis, cooperation opportunities, joint promotions, sales, and events.


We use additional processors around the world for various processing activities needed for the performance of Timeclock365, our Websites, our other products and services, our operations, and our business, and share information with such processors on a need basis. Such processors include hosting and backup providers, analytics providers, website technology, advertising technology, security technology, and more. We limit the information we share with each processor based on the business need in using such processor, to protect your information while still effectively benefiting from the services of such processor.

We may also share non-personally identifiable information and aggregate information for any purpose. Such data is not personal data, and its sharing cannot be used to identify you.

We may need to share your information with law enforcement agencies, courts of law, and other governmental organizations, if ordered to do so by competent bodies and according to applicable law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If we are involved with a merger, asset sale, financing, liquidation, bankruptcy, or the acquisition of all or part of our business to another company, we may share your information with that company and its advisors before and after the transaction date.

9) How Do We Safeguard Your Personal Data?

We take information security very seriously. We implement the state of the art security standards to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information. We also implement appropriate organizational measures to protect your information.

We apply our security standards also when working with business and technology partners. We only select and contract with processors and third parties who use appropriate security measures and provide sufficient guarantees, including technical and organizational measures, to ensure the appropriate protection of the data we entrust with them. Unfortunately, although we make every effort to keep your data safe, we cannot fully ensure or warrant the security of your personal information.

You can take part in securing your personal data on Timeclock365. You can prevent unauthorized access to your account and personal information by selecting a strong password and protecting your login credentials appropriately. Limit access to your computer and mobile device. If you’re using the Portal, sign off when you finish accessing your account.

10) Do We Transfer Personal Data Internationally?

Most of our information is stored on Microsoft Azure cloud in the U.S. and Europe. Microsoft takes extreme measures with respect to privacy and data security. Read more about it here.

At the same time, our business is international – we serve Clients that manage their workforce around the world on TImeclock365, and we utilize additional processors and service providers in various countries. Therefore, we transfer, store or otherwise process your personal information in other countries. We take appropriate safeguards in the selection of our processing vendors around the world to require that your personal information is well protected. Despite our efforts, it may be the case that a country where your personal information is processed has different, or less protective, data protection and privacy regulation than the country you live in.

11) For How Long Do We Keep Personal Data?

We keep personal information we collect for different periods, depending on the type of information, the period of our contract with our Clients, legal requirements regarding certain types of data, and other factors. Generally speaking, we will retain your personal information for a period reasonably needed to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. We will also retain your personal information for as long as necessary to resolve disputes, enforce our rights and agreements, and protect our staff and Clients.

If we no longer need your information for the purposes mentioned in this policy, we will delete or de-identify it. In certain occasions we might not be able to fully delete or de-identify your personal information due to technical or operational reasons, for example deleting from backup storage and archives. In such cases, we shall take reasonable measures to secure any information still maintained by us according to our standard data security practices.

12) What Are Your Rights With Respect to Your Personal Data?

If you’re an End User of Timeclock365, please approach your employer to exercise any rights you may have, as they are the data controllers of your personal information. Otherwise, please contact us (details below).

According to the data protection and privacy regulation where you live, you may have certain rights with respect to your personal information.

Your rights may include, under certain terms and conditions set in applicable law:

After deletion or de-identification of your personal data following its retention period, the rights to access, erasure, rectification, and data portability cannot be enforced.

Your personal information is processed based on several legal bases, including your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Other legal bases, including statutory or contractual requirements that apply to you or our Client might remain intact even following the withdrawal of your consent. You can also revoke any permissions you have granted the App and uninstall the App from your device – this will stop the App from sending new personal data to Timeclock365. If we do not receive all required data from the App and your device, Timeclock365 might not function properly. The data provided by Timeclock365 to our Client who controls your account might be incomplete or inaccurate, and that might affect your work or compensation. Please consult with your employer regarding the potential effect of withdrawing your consent, disabling permissions or uninstalling the App.


13) Do You Ever Change Your Privacy Policy?

Occasionally, we change this privacy policy to accommodate product and service development, industry standards, or new regulation. We will let you know personally if such changes are material, and seek consent for the updated privacy policy where required and as needed.

Please read the latest privacy policy available here from time to time. Note that we may require your consent to our up-to-date terms of use and privacy policy whenever you use our Websites, Timeclock365, App, or Portal. If you do not agree to these terms and policy, please do not use our services. If you’re a Timeclock365 End User, please check the effect of such decision with your employer.

14) Who Can I Contact Regarding My Personal Data?

If you’re an End User of Timeclock365, please contact your employer first with any issue, as they are the data controllers of your personal information. Your organization’s contact details appear within the App and in any automatic communication you receive from Timeclock365. If you do not know who your data controller is, please contact our customer support and we will let you know.

You can contact us with any question or concern you have at:

Email: support@timeclock365.com